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ReachNow is a premium car sharing service, owned by the BMW Group. As a resident of The Solaire, you will have exclusive access to a fleet of BMW 3 Series and BMW i3 vehicles. You can select a car to drive any time of the day or night, for as little or as long as you like for up to 14 days. Just make sure to take the car back to The Solaire when you’re done.

Whether you own a vehicle or not, ReachNow can help bring an extra level of style and convenience to your day-to-day travel needs. Enjoy a holiday shopping spree, take a road trip with friends or pick up the kids from soccer practice, all from the comfort of an elegant and spacious vehicle. To help cater to the needs of a demanding family life, ReachNow is including a booster seat in every car at The Solaire.

6 Easy Steps to Get Driving

  1. Download the ReachNow app and sign up. You’ll need your driver’s license to get verified - this typically takes just a few minutes. Click for iPhone or Android downloads.
  2. Under “promos” enter your unique Activation Code for Solaire Residents. Please note: you only have to do this once.
  3. Enter Promo Code to receive your two hours of free drive time. Please note: this credit will expire on Jan 17th, 2017.
  4. Reserve your ReachNow up to 30 minutes in advance using the app any time, day or night
  5. Provide your valet with the booking confirmation details, including the vehicle license plate number.
  6. Drive ReachNow.

For more information on ReachNow @ The Solaire, visit our Fleet Solutions (Residential & Corporate) FAQ

Discover Our Vehicles

Travel in a cleaner, more responsible way. As well as being fun to drive, the BMW i3 boasts a range of green credentials. From the energy-efficient manufacturing process to the sustainably sourced eucalyptus wood interior, you can feel confident that every element of your driving experience is in line with your environmental principles.

Experience the thrill of the BMW 3 Series. Exuding style and sophistication, these legendary vehicles continue to set the benchmark for their class. Perfect weight distribution, advanced steering and iDrive technology are just some of the features that are sure impress.

BMW i3

An electric two-door with all the zip of a BMW. Folding rear seats mean extra trunk space, making the i3 ideal for adventures and errands alike.

BMW 3-Series

Award-winning performance, all-wheel drive, and the style you expect from BMW’s 3-Series. Upgrade your commute—or your night on the town.