Welcome, St. Johns & PCC Sylvania to the ReachNow Family

Great news Portland – we’re expanding our Home Area to include St. Johns and Portland Community College’s (PCC) Sylvania campus.

With this expansion, ReachNow is an even better option for discovering all the Rose City has to offer. Our Portland Market Manager, Alan Bates says it best: “Part of the magic of Portland is how ReachNow can unlock the unique character of each neighborhood by providing a hassle free way to explore every corner of the city. Our expansion to St. Johns and PCC Sylvania provide a solution for areas of the city that were underserved by car sharing.”

St Johns Neighborhood

With convenient access to ReachNow, residents of St. Johns now have more options to commute and explore more of Portland. ReachNow is a great alternative to supplement your commute to downtown Portland or anywhere in our home area. By using ReachNow, you’ll be helping to free up more spaces throughout the city. According to, more than 50 percent of St. Johns resident’s drive to work alone – with ReachNow, one car can be shared by dozens of members which means fewer parked cars on the street and shorter parking durations.

ReachNow will also enable more spontaneous journeys within the city. As the executive director for St Johns Center for Opportunity, Lindsay Jensen told us: “Our community is eager to support new and flexible transportation opportunities that enable residents to get around town or to-and-from work. We are also excited about new ways to make it easier for other Portlanders or tourists to check out our vibrant small business community,” Jensen. “We are happy to welcome ReachNow into the St. Johns neighborhood!”

Portland Community College Sylvania

Adding to the good news, Portland Community College’s (PCC) Sylvania campus is now a ReachNow satellite location. Students, staff and visitors can start or end their trip at any available day-rate parking spot on campus. Parking is free and allowed in any available day-rate parking spot with a ReachNow car.

“With car sharing services like ReachNow, we are able to provide Portland Community College students, faculty and staff with affordable and environmentally responsible alternatives to driving a personal vehicle to campus,” said Mark Gorman, Transportation Demand Management at Portland Community College.

Welcome, St. Johns and PCC Sylvania!



Laura Gonia