Seize The Summer: Unique Washington & Oregon Adventures Within Reach

There is no way to easy way to come to terms with the fact that summer is slowly coming to an end. For those of us in the Pacific Northwest, this means that shorter days, precipitation, and dropping temps are on the horizon.

While The Pacific Northwest is suitable for year-long adventure, there are a number of outdoor activities that are best suited for sunny summer days, and the time to hit the road for a weekend adventure is now.

As we slowly transition into fall there is still ample opportunity to try an adventurous outdoor activity before winter closes in. Pack the car, hit the road, and live a life of adventure by trying one of these radical outdoor activites.

Washington and Oregon Coast Surf Spots-

Locations -

WA - Long Beach, Westport, Hobuck

OR - Pacific Beach, Short Sands, Cannon Beach

With over 519 miles of combined coastline, Washington and Oregon are the perfect places to learn how to surf. While hardcore surfers long for the winter months when storms in the North Pacific send large swells hurling towards the coast, for novice surfers the summer offers calmer seas and warmer water temps. Surfing in Washington and Oregon can be tricky, but for those wishing to learn, the summer is a great time to frolic in the generally gentle waves of summer.

Washington and Oregon Rock Climbing-


WA - Vantage, Leavenworth, Index

OR - Smith Rock, Trout Creek, Rattlesnake

While cooler temps can mean more friction for high-level climbers, the often wet winters of the PNW make rock climbing challenging in the winter months. Many novice climbers take advantage of the Pacific Northwest dry and warm summers to learn the art of sending. The PNW is one of the most diverse climbing regions in the country and many climbers flock to both Oregon and Washington in the summer to tackle objectives that are on their climbing bucket list. If you are brand new to climbing, book a guided experience and learn the ropes. Whether you are into Oregon Coast rock climbing, or you would prefer climbing Washington's mountains, the PNW has great options for any adventurer.

Washington and Oregon Mountain Biking-


WA- Leavenworth, Cle Elum, Bellingham

OR- Bend, Eugene, Mt. Hood

With the abundant snowfall that the North Cascades receive in the wet winter months, mountain biking is a summer destination for those that want to ride at elevation. When mountain biking Washington or Oregon, you are bound to run into trails and regions that cater to every skill level. In the last decade, many ski areas and park services have started to invest in building and maintaining mountain bike trails as it is a favorite activity amongst the Northwest’s many mountain sports lovers.

Washington and Oregon Hiking Trails & Backpacking-


WA- Alpine Lake Wilderness, Olympic National Park, Mt. Rainer

OR- Mt. Hood, Sky Lakes Wilderness, Three Sisters Wilderness

While there are many hiking trails in Washington and Oregon that are accessible year-round, hitting the trails during the dry days of summer is ideal. While some outdoor enthusiasts revel in the sufferfest of winter backpacking, for most of us having a dry place to sleep after packing in a long day on the trail is ideal. The summer months offer the opportunity to spend leisurely days on the trail, enjoyable nights around the portable stove, and unclouded star gazing if you want to try overnight backpacking Oregon. Summers on the trail and in the woods are hard to beat when it comes to outdoor recreation in the Pacific Northwest.

Go outside and enjoy the rest of summer!




Anna Anderson