Let your favorite stores pay for your ReachNow drive!

Today, we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Validated, an app that lets shops and restaurants cover transportation costs for customers.

What is Validated?
Validated is an app that lets shops and restaurants cover transportation costs for customers. Users shop and dine at Validated businesses and earn credits to pay for a variety of transportation: car-share, ride-share, and more.

Where does Validated operate?
Validated businesses are currently concentrated in Portland and Seattle, but you can use your credits anywhere there’s a Validated transportation provider.

How much ReachNow credit will I receive?
Businesses in the Validated app set their own spending targets and decide how much to give customers in return, so it depends on where you go! For any given business, you’ll typically earn 7-10% of how much you spend, which you can redeem instantly for ReachNow drive time in $5, $10, and $15 increments.

How Does it Work
1. Find shops and restaurants that validate transportation
2. Hit spending targets when you shop and dine – remember to keep your receipt!
3. Scan your receipt to verify the purchase
4. Redeem your credit for ReachNow drive time.

How does redeeming credit work?
Redeem Validated credit for ReachNow drive time within the Validated app. Simply press REDEEM, select REACHNOW as your redemption method, and slide: a promo code will automatically copy to your clipboard. Select OPEN REACHNOW and paste the code in the ‘Promos’ section. For your convenience, you will also receive an email with the promo code just in case you don’t have time to apply the credit right away.
There are more Validated cities to come so stay tuned! Download the Validated app now and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to be the first to know about special promotions. Happy exploring! DRIVE FREELY

1. Download Validated: search ‘VALIDATED’ in the App Store and Play Store.
2. Open the Validated app: find shops and restaurants that will help pay for your transportation. Search, sort by category, or browse the map to see what’s nearby.
3. Hit spending targets when you shop and dine: select a merchant to view their campaigns. Remember to keep your receipt!
4. Get Validated: select the merchant and scan your receipt to verify your purchase and claim your credits. Stack credits from multiple merchants.
5. Redeem your credit with ReachNow: save it for a special occasion or use it to help pay for your next drive.



Laura Gonia