Shop til You Drop: Portland Edition

Need some ideas to get your last minute shopping done for the holidays? We've got you covered. We're offering a special holiday rate of $35 for 3 hours so it's easy for you to hop in the car in go. This post shares some idea for Portland but if you're in Seattle - check out the Shop Til You Drop Seattle Edition.

Looking for something unique for the music or art lover in your life? Check out our partner, Tender Loving Empire. They have tons of gifts for everyone - from their Artist Collab Series to handmade jewlery and other beautiful trinkets. 

For a more traditional mall experience, hit up Pioneer Place. Who doesn't love a hipster santa?! With stores spanning from Apple to Bose - you can do a quick stop for the techy folks in your life. Or, find some new threads at Zara, H&M and J.Crew. While you're at it, you could snag your gifts and still have time to see a movie before you head home (especially with that 3 hour for $35 special). 

Looking for the scenic route while shopping? Head to NW 23rd Avenue. This charming corner of Portland is bursting with both locally owned small businesses and national retailers. With all the boutiques here, you're sure to find something for everyone on your list!

When you head out for shopping, take a ReachNow - save the hassle of paying for parking and get 3 hours for only $35.

Happy Shopping!


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Anna Anderson