A new way to carpool: Welcome to Seattle, Scoop!

At ReachNow, we’re all about making it easier to get where you want to go whether you’re driving or riding. So, when our friends at Scoop told us that they were coming to Seattle, we knew we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to introduce you to them first. With their carpooling app, Scoop is making sharing your commute flexible, social, and safe.

Scoop took a concept that normally seems pretty tough (carpooling) and made it easy, just like we do for sharing cars. With Scoop, you can drive or ride to work – and they’ll match you with a co-worker or neighbor who lives nearby. With trip-by-trip scheduling, you keep control of your life while saving time, money, and meeting awesome people. For more information, check out this video and see just how Scoop can help make our lives just a little less stressful.

Ready to get started? Download Scoop today, use code SCOOPREACH05 and get $5 to get started. This special is exclusively for ReachNow members.

Look for more coming from ReachNow and Scoop. We’re planning to work together to make commuting easier and more cost effective while helping to reduce traffic congestion in our rapidly growing City.

Until then, happy commuting!



Laura Gonia