Refresh your morning commute, Seattle

Is it just us or has it been a little rough getting back into the swing of things after such a spectacular summer? If you feel us (or even if you don’t), we’re making morning commutes easier with a week-long $5 offer just for Seattle: This Monday (9/18) – Friday (9/22) between 6:00am – 9:00am PT all ReachNow car sharing drives and ReachNow Rides are only $5.00.
Get behind the wheel of your favorite ReachNow, turn on the seat heater (because you can) and enjoy 75% off the traditional 1-hour rate with any of our cars.
Need to take a call on the way to work? Just don’t feel like driving? Get where you need to go with ReachNow Ride for just $5 flat.
How it works
Two great promotions valid between 6am – 9am from Monday (9/18) – Friday (9/22). Only valid for Seattle members. All trips must start/end within that window to qualify. Car sharing trips will be capped at $5.00 (plus applicable taxes and fees) for the first hour if started and ended within the window. Trips over 1 hour will be billed at $5.00 + normal rate. Want to be picked-up? All ReachNow Rides are $5.00 flat (per ride). Must use the ReachNow+ Beta App to request a ride. Rides my start by 9:00am to quality. 



Laura Gonia