Request your ride today: ReachNow Ride expands in Seattle

As you may have read in The New York Times today, the ReachNow Ride beta is now available to all ReachNow Seattle members.

ReachNow Ride is our ride sharing service that has been in pilot-mode since December. Thanks to the support of nearly 2,000 of our Seattle members, today we’re happy to make it ReachNow Ride available to anyone in Seattle who would like to test out our beta.

Today, all of our existing members will be invited to join the beta service via email and any new-to-ReachNow members will receive an invite within a week of signing up (for any of your friends and family that have been hold outs, now is the time to get them to sign up!). 

With Ride, we did not set out to simply build another ride sharing service. We really wanted to create a service that’s personalized for you, there when you need it and seamlessly compliments the ReachNow car sharing experience.

In addition to the everyday things you expect from a ride sharing service (on-demand ride request, fare estimates, ETAs), here are some of the little touches can expect with ReachNow Ride:

  • No surge pricing – no surprise 200% price hikes from us. Get where you need to go at a reliable, everyday price.
  • Ratio station and temperature pre-set – when you book your car, set the station and temperature so it’s perfect for you when it arrives.
  • Do not disturb mode – need a few minutes to yourself? No problem. “Do Not Disturb” mode is there when you need it (and you don’t have to feel bad about it).
  • Ride scheduler – have an appointment? Book a Ride anywhere from 20 minutes to 7 days in advance.
  • Ride comfortably in a BMW – our Ride service is offering BMW 3 Series and BMW X1 vehicles. Every time.
  • Water, candy & chargers – on most days, it’s the little things. Enjoy a bottle of water or a sweet treat while you charge up during your ride.

Once you receive your invite, follow the instructions to download and install the ReachNow+ Beta App. PLEASE NOTE EVERYONE: While the ReachNow+ Beta App will give you a sneak preview of how car sharing will live alongside ride sharing, it is NOT a replacement for the core ReachNow app. Think of it as a testing ground and a direct line to give us feedback on Ride. The ReachNow App is still your primary method of reserving and unlocking car sharing vehicles. The two Apps go together like peanut butter & jelly.

Before we wrap up, we wouldn’t be at this point so quickly without all of our Ride pilot users. Thank you for helping us shape this service into what it is today and we can’t wait for you to see how this service grows.

More to come soon. Until then, happy riding.


PS – Want to know more? Head on over to the ReachNow Ride page to get all the details on coverage area, hours of operation, pricing, etc.



Anna Anderson