ReachNow Portland is growing again. Welcome Hillsboro & Beaverton!

ReachNow Portland continues to grow! Today we are ahppy to announce that we are now serving Hillsboro and Tektronix’s Beaverton campus. Expansion to Portland’s Silicon Forest offers residents and employees of this vibrant, growing community a convenient and affordable transportation option to get to and from downtown Portland or the Portland International Airport. With today's expansion, ReachNow is now serving about 40 square miles of the greater Portland area, with nearly 400,000 people within walking distance of a shared car.
The hub for ReachNow’s expansion to the Westside is the award-winning, master-planned community, Orenco Station. Members can now start or end a ReachNow trip in any non-time restricted parking space in Orenco Station. In Beaverton, ReachNow has 10 designated parking spaces on the Tektronix Campus for members to park or pick-up a car. 
“At ReachNow, we’re not just looking for ways to expand our Home Area. We view ourselves as part of the Portland community and are constantly looking for opportunities to make our shared mobility service a true complement to public transit. With our expansion to Hillsboro and Beaverton, we believe that we’ve unlocked a unique opportunity to serve a fast-growing community that needs more options to get to and from downtown Portland, the Portland International Airport and enjoy a flexible, low-car lifestyle,” said Alan Bates, Portland Market Manager, ReachNow. “We’re looking forward to getting to know our new members based in the Western suburbs.” 
“The Westside Transportation Alliance (WTA) is excited to welcome ReachNow to Washington County. As the number of people working and living in Washington County grows, it is important to have more transportation options available. ReachNow’s free-floating car share service provides more people who live and work near Orenco Station or Tektronix with an exciting new transportation choice that we believe will reduce the number of single occupancy vehicle trips,” said Jeff Pazdalski, Executive Director, WTA. “Whether it’s helping people make easier connections to transit services, providing options for workday trips that enable people to leave their cars at home, or supporting car-free or car-light living for local residents, we believe ReachNow will be a key partner in the WTA’s goal to reduce traffic congestion and therefore improve air quality and the livability of our community. We look forward to partnering with ReachNow.”
With ReachNow now available in Hillsboro and Beaverton, Westside residents can enjoy all the benefits of other Portland ReachNow members, including easy access to the Portland International Airport for about $25 each way – 50% less than the average cost of a ride share trip from Orenco to PDX. With this Home Area expansion, ReachNow members who live in downtown Portland and work on the Westside now have an alternative option to get to and from work. Every ReachNow car in Portland can start and end a trip in the core Home Area and on the Westside.
For members that have a low-car or no-car family, access to ReachNow in Hillsboro and Beaverton offers an easy alternative to the rental car counter. Grab any available ReachNow from Orenco Station or Tektronix and hit the road for up to 5 days for as low as $80 per day. No reservation required. Like every ReachNow trip, gas in the tank and insurance is included in the price of the rental. When a member is done, just drop the car anywhere in the Home Area, no need to return to a rental car center or fill up the tank. 
To celebrate our expansion, ReachNow is offering two special rates exclusively to Portland members. Valid today (November 1) through Sunday (November 5), members can drive for up to 1 hour for $10 and for up to 3 hours for $25. 
Welcome, Hillsboro & Beaverton! 



Laura Gonia