ReachNow Launches Dedicated Fleet at 8th+Olive, Seattle

We’re excited to announce the first multi-tenant office building with a dedicated fleet at Seattle’s 8th+Olive office tower. Starting today, March 28th, 2017, over 1,000 employees who work at the building will have exclusive access to an on-demand fleet of BMW 330i xDrive and MINI Cooper S Clubman vehicles. By partnering with 8th+Olive, we aim to bring an extra level of convenience and comfort to the urban mobility solutions available to office workers.

With access to ReachNow’s fleet, employees now have more options to commute to and from work, attend meetings or lunches with clients, run personal errands and even get out of town for a business trip away. Our vehicles are available to drive 24 hours a day, for anywhere from a few minutes to up to two weeks at a time. ReachNow offers unparalleled flexibility for 8th+Olive professionals who don’t own a personal vehicle as well as a fun alternative for vehicle owners who want to try something new.

To request more information about bringing a ReachNow fleet to your property, please contact us at



Laura Gonia