ReachNow Drives Water Avenue Coffee

For the past year, we’ve loved hearing your stories about how ReachNow helps you get to work, meet friends for dinner across town and to new destinations throughout the Pacific Northwest.

We’ve also been working with small businesses throughout Portland. Our shared fleet helps them move more easily and sustainably throughout the city. Whether it’s using ReachNow to avoid the cost of an additional company car or offering access to shared transportation to make getting to and from work easier on their employees, we’re proud to partner with companies that make Portland Portland.

Today, we’re releasing the first of a few stories about the businesses that we’re proud to support with our shared fleet, featuring Water Avenue Coffee. Founded in Portland 8 years ago, Water Avenue Coffee has been using our fleet, including the electric BMW i3 vehicles, to reduce the carbon footprint of their business while delivering product in and around Portland.

Thank you Water Avenue Coffee for not only for making our mornings great, but also for your partnership. We look forward to many more years of traveling together.

Work for a small business that could benefit from better access to transportation? We’re always looking for new partnerships. Email to learn more.



Laura Gonia