ReachNow Commits $25,000 to State Parks Foundations for Preservation of Natural Treasures

This week, we announced that we're donating $12,500 to both the Washington State Parks Foundation and Oregon State Parks Foundation, for a total donation of $25,000 to close out our Wild Within Reach summer campaign.

As you may remember, this spring, we outfitted BMW 3 Series and BMW X1 SAV vehicles in both the Seattle and Portland fleets with respective state park passes granting free park entry, beginning May 18, 2018. The purpose is to incentivize our Members to use our cars as a means to experience the outdoors and our beautiful state parks.

The Washington State Parks Foundation and Oregon State Parks Foundation will use these donations to their respective Foundations to support ongoing park maintenance and various conservation and preservation projects.  Additionally, the Washington State Parks Foundation will use the donation as matching funds to leverage additional support in an upcoming campaign for park improvement projects across the state.

"We are thrilled with the results of our first Wild Within Reach campaign and the opportunity it has given us to raise awareness of the importance of our beautiful state parks," said Laura Gonia, head of marketing at ReachNow. "We’re proud that our efforts drove more members than before to experience the parks in our home areas and offered urban communities an avenue to explore their states.”

Thousands of members took advantage of the campaign and multi-day rentals to explore many local state and national parks. Some of the popular locales our members visited and tagged on social media include Mt. Rainier National Park, Deception Pass State Park and Federation Forest State Park in Washington; and Ecola State Park in Oregon.

“It’s truly heartwarming to see so many ReachNow members come forward this summer to support parks through this awesome new program,” said John Floberg, Executive Director of the Washington State Parks Foundation. “I think it says something really positive about the kind of people who use ReachNow, and we commend ReachNow for making our wild places more accessible.”

“We were happy to work with ReachNow to promote our State Parks for the Wild Within Reach campaign and are supportive of encouraging more people to experience the various parks our state has to offer,” said Seth Miller, Executive Director of the Oregon State Parks Foundation. “This partnership has given ReachNow members in Oregon access to many opportunities for outdoor recreation and adventure, and we’re grateful for this collaboration.”

Washington and Oregon free state park passes will remain active through the end of May 2019 for all members to enjoy. Members can find more information, cool trip ideas, and insider guides to Washington and Oregon State Parks on the Wild Within Reach website at


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Anna Anderson