ReachNow is helping New Beginnings reach further

In December, we announced that New Beginnings was selected as our ReachFurther partner for 2018. Thanks to the support of ReachNow members on our inaugural Day of Giving, New Beginnings was awarded 400 hours of access to ReachNow for their advocates.
Since January, New Beginnings has been able to equip their advocates with a means of transportation to deliver tools, resources and knowledge to those in need.
New Beginnings leverages a mobile advocacy model and meeting survivors of domestic abuse where they feel most safe is critical to the mission of this organization. By donating access to our service, ReachNow removes transportation barriers and helps create a safe environment for both the survivor and the advocate.
“Thanks to the ReachNow cars, we’re seeing an increase in people being more comfortable and more likely to make an appointment and pick a location that feels best for them,” says New Beginnings Mobile Advocate, Danielle Desrosiers. 
At ReachNow, we’re passionate about helping organizations who are making a difference in Seattle.  Over the coming months, we will share stories from other local nonprofits who reach further as a result of access to ReachNow.
Interested in finding a local organization you’re passionate about getting involved with?  Join us on April 19th at KING 5 Konnected, an event where you can enjoy drinks, local food, entertainment, and learn more about 25 outstanding nonprofits, including New Beginnings. 



Tomorrow, we're donating ReachNow credit for every drive our Seattle members take tomorrow (December 14) to our ReachFurther partner, New Beginnings.

New Beginnings is a Seattle-based organization whose mission is to end domestic violence. With ReachNow drive credit, New Beginnings will be able to serve more surivors by giving their counselors acccess to transporation options. 

Join us tomorrow in driving to end domestic violence. 


Last month, we started a search to find a nonprofit partner in Seattle that could benefit from access to additional transporation options to better serve their constituents.

After an incredible response from the local non-profit community, we are happy to announce that New Beginnings has been awarded our first ever ReachFurther award. New Beginnings' mission is to empower survivors and mobilize community awareness and action to end domestic violence in Seattle.

In 2017, New Beginnings launched a mobile advocacy model, meeting survivors where they feel most safe and taking tools, resources and knowledge to them rather than requiring them to travel across town. While incredibly beneficial for the survivors, access to and costs of transportation for advocates has been a challenge.

By partnering with New Beginnings, ReachNow will provide carsharing and ridesharing services to remove these transportation barriers for both survivors and their advocates – helping to provide freedom of mobility and freedom from abuse.

Now, we need your help. Join us on December 14, 2017 for our first-ever Day of Giving. Bookmark your calendar and more details to come!

Congratulations, New Beginnings and welcome to the ReachNow family!


From day one, ReachNow’s mission has been to create a better way for people to move seamlessly through their world and experience the people and places that matter most to them. With hundreds of BMW and MINI vehicles throughout Seattle, we offer on-demand transportation for those who want an easy, convenient way to get around town. Do you work for, support or know of an organization that could benefit from more access to transportation? If so, we need your help finding a partner to be the first recipient of our ReachFurther program. 

Today, we are proud to announce the ReachFurther program, which will offer up to $10,000 worth of access to ReachNow cars and 100 hours of volunteer hours from our ReachNow team. We’re looking to partner with an organization that could better serve their community if they had more access to transportation, whether it be to transport volunteers, goods or services.
The ReachFurther Program was inspired by our work with partners across the city. Through our work with these local organizations, we have witnessed the impact that mobility can have on both increasing an organizations ability to meet a need as well as providing freedom to the people they serve.
This holiday season, ReachNow will be donating up to $10,000 in driving credit (400 hours) to the Seattle organization (501(c)3) that most successfully demonstrates the impact access to a service like ReachNow would have on their ability to serve and bring joy to their constituents.  In addition, ReachNow will contribute 100 hours of volunteer time to the selected organization. 
Could you recruit more volunteers if they had an easier way to get around? Could reliable transportation be the answer to connecting those you serve to the resources and supplies they need?  Do you serve a population that could benefit from access to simple and safe transportation?
If yes, we want to hear from you. At ReachNow, we’re interested in how we can help the people, places and causes that matter most to your mission. Details on how to apply are below. If you have any questions or have an organization that you'd like to recommend, please let us know!
ReachNow will announce a day in December in which all trips taken by Seattle members will equal a contribution of driving minutes to the chosen nonprofit Partner.  Credit will be provided to the selected organization in the form of promo codes to be distributed as determined appropriate.  Promo codes will be valid until 12/31/18 and can be used for all ReachNow mobility services including car sharing, Ride and Reserve. Promo code users must be ReachNow members and meet all standard ReachNow requirements. Volunteer hours donated by Seattle ReachNow staff can be redeemed from the time of selection notification through 6/31/18 based on availability.  ReachNow will work with the selected organization to coordinate individual or group opportunities for fulfilling these hours as needed.
Applications will be assessed based on the following criteria:
  • Completeness of application
  • Stated need and organizational reach
  • Demonstrated ability to utilize ReachNow credits to increase organizational capacity and impact
  • Ability and commitment to promote the December ReachFurther day across the organization
  1. Describe your organization mission and core activities.  Include background and population served.
  2. Describe any mobility challenges your organization currently faces as they relate to achieving your mission.
  3. Describe how ReachNow credits will enhance your organization’s capacity to address an opportunity or problem you seek to address?  What will you be able to do that you wouldn’t be able to do without these?
  4. Describe who will receive the credits, how they’ll be distributed and who will be overseeing this process.
  5. Provide a framework for how you will promote winning and/or use of the credits to the organization’s staff, volunteers and supporters.
  • ReachNow will be approved to promote the selected partner as the program benefactor across multiple channels including, but not limited to email, web, social and radio.
  • The parties shall align with each other in connection with any intended use of any party’s trademark in marketing, promotion and communications.  No use of ReachNow trademarks are allowed without the express permission of ReachNow.
  • ReachNow members who use the provided promo codes will be subject to the same requirements and terms as standard ReachNow members and are responsible for all related fees, insurance deductibles, etc. including the $1.00 per trip Shared Asset Fee.
  • Partner will determine the best way to manage distribution of promo codes and ensure proper usage in line with the proposed intent.  If ReachNow identifies misuse of funds, they will address directly with the Partner to resolve.
  • Partner will report on the program impact within 30 days following 12/31/18.  Any credits not used by 12/31/18 will be forfeited.
OCT 30                  Request for Applications Issued
NOV 17                  Applications Due
NOV 21                  Selected Nonprofit Partner Notified
Applicants must return an electronic PDF file containing the completed application requirements by close of business (5pm PST) on the date listed in the schedule.  Applications should be emailed to Holly Houser at  



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