ReachNow is helping New Beginnings reach further

In December, we announced that New Beginnings was selected as our ReachFurther partner for 2018. Thanks to the support of ReachNow members on our inaugural Day of Giving, New Beginnings was awarded 400 hours of access to ReachNow for their advocates.
Since January, New Beginnings has been able to equip their advocates with a means of transportation to deliver tools, resources and knowledge to those in need.
New Beginnings leverages a mobile advocacy model and meeting survivors of domestic abuse where they feel most safe is critical to the mission of this organization. By donating access to our service, ReachNow removes transportation barriers and helps create a safe environment for both the survivor and the advocate.
“Thanks to the ReachNow cars, we’re seeing an increase in people being more comfortable and more likely to make an appointment and pick a location that feels best for them,” says New Beginnings Mobile Advocate, Danielle Desrosiers. 
At ReachNow, we’re passionate about helping organizations who are making a difference in Seattle.  Over the coming months, we will share stories from other local nonprofits who reach further as a result of access to ReachNow.
Interested in finding a local organization you’re passionate about getting involved with?  Join us on April 19th at KING 5 Konnected, an event where you can enjoy drinks, local food, entertainment, and learn more about 25 outstanding nonprofits, including New Beginnings. 



Tomorrow, we're donating ReachNow credit for every drive our Seattle members take tomorrow (December 14) to our ReachFurther partner, New Beginnings.

New Beginnings is a Seattle-based organization whose mission is to end domestic violence. With ReachNow drive credit, New Beginnings will be able to serve more surivors by giving their counselors acccess to transporation options. 

Join us tomorrow in driving to end domestic violence. 


Last month, we started a search to find a nonprofit partner in Seattle that could benefit from access to additional transporation options to better serve their constituents.

After an incredible response from the local non-profit community, we are happy to announce that New Beginnings has been awarded our first ever ReachFurther award. New Beginnings' mission is to empower survivors and mobilize community awareness and action to end domestic violence in Seattle.

In 2017, New Beginnings launched a mobile advocacy model, meeting survivors where they feel most safe and taking tools, resources and knowledge to them rather than requiring them to travel across town. While incredibly beneficial for the survivors, access to and costs of transportation for advocates has been a challenge.

By partnering with New Beginnings, ReachNow will provide carsharing and ridesharing services to remove these transportation barriers for both survivors and their advocates – helping to provide freedom of mobility and freedom from abuse.

Now, we need your help. Join us on December 14, 2017 for our first-ever Day of Giving. Bookmark your calendar and more details to come!

Congratulations, New Beginnings and welcome to the ReachNow family!





Anna Anderson