Raising a slice to Pi Day with $3.14 one-hour trips all day

We love Pi. No, not pie (although, confusingly we love that, too). But, Pi the mathematical constant. As a team, we spend our days thinking a lot about the future of mobility and transportation. For us, Pi symbolizes the innovation made possible by math and technology.

In honor of tomorrow’s Pi Day festivities, we’re bringing a Pi-sized deal to our members in Seattle and Portland.* Tomorrow only, enjoy $3.14 drives (up to one hour).

At that price, why not mix it up?

  • Change up your commute by taking ReachNow to the office or to a lunch meeting (several Seattle restaurants are offering delicious deals for $3.14).
  • Plan a spontaneous date night and use those savings to splurge with a slice of your favorite pie.
  • Join friends at a local trivia night to test your Pi knowledge (Geeks Who Drink is one of our faves and they have plenty of options for Tuesday night in both Portland and Seattle).
  • Invite your friends to join ReachNow. A $3.14 trip is a great reason to take your first drive.

Keep an eye on our social media channels, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite Pi Day specials – share yours with us, as well.

*Promotion available in Seattle and Portland only due to inclement weather in Brooklyn; rate will automatically be capped at $3.14 (plus applicable taxes and fees) for tips up to 60 minutes. As soon as you hit 61 minutes, you resume being charged $0.41 per minute up to the next price cap (three hours). 



Laura Gonia