Member stories: Multi-modal mobility captures hearts of Seattleites

The summer of 2017 is shaping up to be all about bikes in ReachNow’s hometown of Seattle. This summer saw the launch of several new bike sharing programs, including the latest from our friends at LimeBike. The explosion of bike sharing reinforces exactly what we at ReachNow have said from day one: the growth of Seattle and other urban cities will unlock a need for new, shared mobility services.

What is it about Seattle that makes it such a great home for services like LimeBike? ReachNow and LimeBike member, Todd Merkens, thinks this has a lot to do with the tech and ecofriendly lifestyles of his fellow Seattleites: “Seattle’s very tech-savvy and generally has an openness to new services that will help ease commuting pain. I think there’s an overall desire to have more ecofriendly and flexible transportation options that fit into the lifestyle of people in this community.”

Todd Merkens and his family are a perfect example of how the convenience and flexibility of new services, like ReachNow and LimeBike, gave his family added confidence to ditch their second car. “Around the time that ReachNow came to Seattle, we decided that we really didn’t need a second car,” Todd told us. “It was sitting around not being used and the accessibility of new services offered our family enough options to get to and from our home in Maple Leaf.”

Todd’s story is one that is becoming increasingly popular – especially during these long summer days in Seattle. “My commute changes from day to day as my schedule changes. Today I may need a car because I’ll be going to appointments throughout the day and others I just need a bike to get to a meeting or a restaurant that’s a few blocks longer than I can walk. Services like ReachNow and LimeBike promote a sense of flexibility and allow our family to be adventurous.”

Ready to give a multi-modal lifestyle a try? Our friends at LimeBike have a special offer for ReachNow members in Seattle. Enjoy free rides until September 7 using this promo code: LBNREACH.

Happy riding!



Laura Gonia