Introducing ReachNow at West Edge in Seattle!

We’re excited to announce the first ever residential fleet partnership on the West Coast at West Edge on 2nd and Pike in Seattle.  Starting today, 600 residents at West Edge now have exclusive, on-demand access to two BMW vehicles, available for running errands, visiting friends and family, and out of town road trips.  

With the addition of ReachNow to West Edge, residents can enjoy the convenience and flexibility of access to on-demand access to a car directly in their building. This is the perfect amenity for West Edge residents that are new to Seattle and do not own a car or for a resident considering living a car-free lifestyle. 

Urban Visions explored this partnership because offering their residents access to an alternative transportation service contributes to the scaling of shared services that will improve mobility for the fast-growth Seattle community. They view this as a valuable service, especially for those residents who are new to Seattle and do not own a car or are considering a car-free lifestyle.

Urban Visions CEO, Greg Smith remarked, “West Edge was designed to embrace sophisticated urban living.  Part of that reality is that not every resident needs or wants their own vehicle; our partnership with ReachNow allows us to add flexibility for our residents and enhance the experience of living downtown.”

In addition to offering free-floating car sharing and ride-hailing services, ReachNow currently partners with residential buildings in New York City to provide a dedicated fleet of ReachNow vehicles to residents. The expansion of this service to the West Coast signals a growing appetite to offer new mobility options to occupants of high-rise buildings in the heart of growing cities.

“As the first company to build a complete mobility ecosystem, ReachNow is thrilled to bring access to our fleet of BMW vehicles to West Edge,” said Laura Gonia, Head of Marketing at ReachNow. “We believe that offering access to dedicated shared cars in a residential building is one of the best ways to positively contribute to the improvement of mobility in Seattle”

West Edge residents will have the choice of two vehicles: BMW X1 Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) and the BMW 3 Series compact sedan. Additionally, residents will have access to the hundreds of free-floating car sharing vehicles in ReachNow’s Seattle fleet.  

To request more information about bringing a ReachNow fleet to your property, please contact us at



Anna Anderson