Headed to the Path of Totality?

Now that Ecplise mania has settled into the Pacfic-Northwest, you (or some of your friends) may be planning a last minute trip to the Path of Totality. No better way to get to Madras than in the comfort of a ReachNow! 

Our multi-day rental options are better than local rental car prices AND you can avoid the long lines at a rental counter. Grab any BMW or MINI in your neighborhood for just $80 per day (insuance and your first tank of gas included!). A full list of pricing for rentals up to 5 days is available here

Before you head out, check out our helpful road trip tips below. After that, grab the nearest ReachNow and hit the road so you can avoid (some of) the US-26E traffic. 

ReachNow Road Trip: Pro Tips

  • Taking ReachNow out of the Home Area? Grab your Member Key card - it's your car key when you're out of the Home Area. Still need one? Let us know. 
  • First tank of gas is on us - after that, you'll have to refill. News reporters are expecting gas stations to be very crowded along the Path of Totality, so be sure to fill up often. On your way back, don't worry about refilling. Just leave us enough gas to start the car :)
  • Parked and walking around? Lock your car every time. The car will thing that you're still using it unless it's locked. That can lead to very un-fun things, like battery drain. 

That's it. Pretty easy - safe travels & happy viewing! 


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Laura Gonia