The Key is in the Card

You may have found yourself wondering, what am I supposed to do with this Member Key card you guys sent me? I always use the app — why do I need this thing?

As you get ready to head out of town for the holidays, we’d like to remind you why it’s important to take your Key card with you.

Whether you’re visiting friends at the beach, heading up into the mountains, or you’re low on data this month, there are some days when you just can’t get a cell signal to use our app. If that ever happens, you can still use your Key card to start a rental, lock-and-unlock a car, and end your trip. Simply swipe your Key card over the reader located in the corner of the driver’s side window and you’re good to go.

(Pro Tip: This also works when you’re just kicking-about in the city — if you see a ReachNow car on the street and the reader light shows green, you can grab that car by swiping your card over the reader. No need to reserve via the app — just grab and go.)

Remember, if you’re off the grid visiting friends or family for turkey-time and don’t have cell phone service, your Key card will still function. So toss it in your wallet before you head out on your trip, don’t stress about cell signals and have fun this holiday season.

Don’t have a Member key card? Request one here.


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Anna Anderson