5 Must-See Summer Solstice Sunrises in the PNW

For thousands of years Stonehenge has drawn crowds in the thousands to watch the sun rise directly above the Heel Stone. While we can’t all make it to Stonehenge for tonight’s summer solstice, there still are some amazing sunrises to check out in the PNW.

Get up early to enjoy the first sunrise of the summer. We’ll sweeten the pot with a special summer-sized promotion. All trips up to 1 hour are only $5. (Pro tip: Select “park and come back” to avoid your clock from starting over again).

Looking for some inspiration on where to check out the first sunrise of the summer? Here are some of the PNW’s most famous (and our favorite) ideas:

  • Kerry Park (Seattle): The iconic views from Kerry Park never cease to impress and we’re betting the first day of summer won’t be any different. Just a quick 10 minutes from downtown Seattle, get there early to find a spot alongside the row of professional photographers.
  • Rocky Butte Park (Portland): On a clear morning, enjoy an unfettered view of downtown Portland and Mt. Hood from Rocky Butte Park in northeast Portland. Pack light as you’ll have a few stairs to climb on your way to the top.
  • Council Crest (Portland): Or, if you prefer a view on the west side take a trip up Council Crest. Nestled in the west hills, Council Crest offers a familiar angle of the Portland skyline with views of St. Helens and Hood.
  • Alki Beach (Seattle): Few places can best Alki Beach’s dueling sweeping cityscape paired with beautiful ocean views. This is the best of the PNW all at once.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get up and get this day started.



Laura Gonia