How it Works 

Fines and Additional Fees



Using ReachNow is easy. Watch the video to learn how.

Find a Car

Swipe the slider to locate a nearby BMW 3 Series, electric BMW i3, BMW X1, MINI Cooper or MINI Clubman vehicle. Reserve a car for up to 30 minutes at no charge directly from the app, or walk up to car with a green light on the card reader and take it spontaneously. Green means go - its available.


Once inside, enter your PIN using the controller between the seats and then hit the road like you own it. If you held the car from the app, you can also enter your PIN directly from the app. Keep your car for as little or as long as you'd like: drive to work, run errands, drive to a trailhead or start a weekend getaway. You only pay for the time you use. Fuel/charging and insurance is always included in our per-minute price. 

Park and Drop

When you want to end your trip, park the car in a space permitted by our city-specific guidelines, exit the vehicle and lock it with your app or Member Key card. You can also select 'Park and Come Back' to keep your car reserved at a discounted rate of 10 cents per minute. There's no need to feed the meter - we cover the cost of downtown parking in our Seattle and Portland Home Areas.

Can I use ReachNow in the snow? 
Winter driving requires special consideration. Our ReachNow fleet of xDrive (all-wheel drive) vehicles does great in most conditions, more on xDrive here. The BMW 3-Series and BMW X1 vehicles feature xDrive. However, our cars do not have cold weather tires, nor do we provide tire chains. Do not take a ReachNow vehicle where chains are mandatory

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One-time sign up fee: $15 non-refundable. Upon approval, you get a $15 ReachNow credit. 
Driving: $0.45/min (Promotional rate for a limited time only, standard driving fee is $0.49/min)
Parking: $0.10 /min (for paused trips only)
A Shared Asset Fee of $1 per trip will be assessed, offsetting the costs of protecting, maintaining, cleaning and repairing the entire fleet in Seattle and Portland.

Starting or ending a trip at Wally Park Premier Garage at Sea-Tac Airport or AirPark Parking Lot near PDX Airport will incur a $5 additional charge.

Flat Rates

Drive Time Seattle Portland
1 hour $15* $15*
3 hours $50 $50
24 hours $80 $80
2 days $160 $160
3 days $240 $240
4 days $320 $320
5 days $400 $400

*For a limited time the first hour is $15; standard one hour driving cap is $20.

After the automatic rate cap time limit is met, per minute pricing applies again until the next tier is met. We always give you the best price. These prices include insurance, fuel (for trips under 24 hours) and parking (at public meters on street within our Home Areas in Seattle/Portland). In Seattle/Portland, all trips include up to 400 miles per day. For members in New York that use our residential service, all trips includes 500 miles per trip. Excess mileage is billed at $0.45/mile.

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Fine and Additional Fees (plus taxes if applicable)
Member Key Card Replacement $25 per case
Lost Car Documents $20 per case
Declined Credit Card Payment $25 per case
Excessive Cleaning Required $50 per case
Smoking in Vehicles $50 per case
Unauthorized Parking $100 per case
Towed Vehicle $150 per case
Processing for Violations/Tickets $25 per case
Processing Pay by Mail Fee $5 per case
Unlocked/Unsecured Vehicle $100 per case
Drained Battery $100 per case
Unauthorized Use of Member Key card by Third Party $150 per case
Abandoned Car Outside of Home Area $250 per case
Criminal Actions $150 per case
Dunning Process $25 per case
Damage Fee $1,000 per accident
ReachNow Protect (Damage Fee Waiver) $9/month or $90/year (plus tax)

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