What To Know Before You Go

The ReachNow Road Rules.


Using Your App

Get From Taps to Trips

Find a car.
We automatically select the closest car to you. Or, you can select any other available car on the map.

Hold your car.
Tap 'Let's Do This!' to hold the vehicle for free for 30 minutes.

Slide to unlock.
When you are at the car, slide the blue button to unlock. Do a quick lap around the car to make sure there aren't any damages.

Making a stop.
Select 'Park & Keep' to keep the car reserved while you're parked at 10¢ per minute.

Ending your trip.
Select 'End Trip' when you you are finished with the car. Don't forget to rate your experience.



Learn the Limits.

The Coverage Area is where you can begin and end your trip. You can take cars outside of this area, you’ll just need to choose ‘Park & Keep’ until you end your trip.


Parking for Free

Skip the Meter!

You can park in any legal on-steet parking space in the Coverage Area for fee. This includes meters (no need to pay them!) and Residential Parking Zones.

A couple of things to watch out for.

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    Where to Park

    Park in spaces that have a time lime longer than 1 hour.

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    Where Not to Park

    Do not park in a space that converts to a bus zone, loading zone, food truck zone or any other time-restricted parking space.

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    Private Problems

    You cannot end your trip in private lots or garages (even if they say public parking). If you want to 'Park & Keep' in these palces, you are respinsible for the cost.


Pay-as-You-Go Pricing

No upfront commitments.
Automatic, best-rate pricing every time.

With ReachNow, we always make sure you get the best possible price because we know that sometimes you hit the road not knowing for how long. So, if your planned 15 minute trip turns into an hour, you still get the lowest possible price.

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    Per Minute

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    First Hour

    (limited time)

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    Per Day

Limited Time Promotions

Check out the lasted deals in your city.


 Seattle Deals   Portland Deals


The Member Key Card

Phone Died? Leaving the Coverage Area? 

The ReachNow App is your key to all of our cars but sometimes your travels take you off the grid. After your first Drive, we'll send you a Member Key card that can be used when cell service is sketchy. 


Heading out of town soon or for your first Drive?

Learn More About Key Cards

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