Brooklyn, it’s never been easier to get where you want to go

Out-of-town or in town, don’t miss any of the good stuff, day or night. Catch the sunrise at Montauk Point Lighthouse, or join the stargazers at Brooklyn Bridge Park. There’s so much to see when you’ve got wheels to get you there.

  • Download and join today
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    Find your car

    Use the app to find a BMW or MINI nearby. With just a tap, you’re in for a smooth ride.

  • Take your trip

    Where to go? It’s your call: by the minute, hour, or day. ReachNow is all about fun on four wheels.

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    Park your car

    To end your trip, drop your car in any non-metered spot in the ReachNow service area. Done and done—until next time.

Be on the road in no time

Here’s how to get started

  1. Download the app

  2. Follow the in-app instructions to join ReachNow
  3. Once your membership is approved, locate a car using the app
  4. Use the app or your Member Key card to open the car. Slide in, follow the instructions, and go!
  5. Drive for as long as you like. Pay by the minute, hour or day.

Why you’ll love ReachNow

Join today, and enjoy the perks. Members can drive in Brooklyn, Seattle, and Portland.

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    No monthly fees. Ever.

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    All cars priced the same

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    Insurance provided

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    Gas in the tank is yours

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    Cars that fit your adventure

Drive everywhere you want to go

Quick trips for 41¢ a minute

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    Travel on your terms

    Life in the big city is full of surprises. Whether it’s a glitch on the M line, or a missed connection on Jay Street, why not ditch the hassle and opt for the comfort of an easy-to-find ReachNow?

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    Slay your to-do list 

    One-way, or round trip, you’ve got options. Pro tip: feed the meter in 'park and come back' mode for added convenience.

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    Be spontaneous

    Go kayaking off Canarsie Pier or kick it vintage style at Brooklyn Flea. There's a lot to do in the borough, and ReachNow has the wheels to get you there.

Longer trips for $110 a day

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    Wheels with cargo space

    ReachNow gives you wheels when you need them. So go ahead and buy that antique chair you saw on Water Street. We’ve got the right car to get your treasure home.

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    Drive in style

    Roll up to your in-laws behind the wheel of a ReachNow BMW or MINI. It’s never been easier to make a good impression.

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    Later, Brooklyn

    City life is awesome, but sometimes you need a little less Brooklyn and a little more Berkshires. Grab your friends and get back to nature with ReachNow.

Pricing that won’t break the bank

ReachNow pricing is easy to understand. No need to decide upfront how long you want the car. Keep the car up to 5 days, if you’d like. You’ll always get the best pricing. Stop and go? Just 30¢ a minute to park.

  • 41

    per minute

  • $20

    per hour

  • $50

    for 3 hours

  • $110

    per day

Detailed pricing information

Pricing FAQ

Can I keep a car for more than one day?
Yes, you can keep a car for up to 5 days. If you would like to keep a vehicle for more than 120 hours, please notify Member Support at (844) 732-2466 or

Do I have to pay parking fees myself?
Within the Home Area, you may park at any street legal, non-metered parking space. Fees for meters, private garages and parking outside of the Home Area are solely your responsibility.

Do you pre-authorize my credit or debit card prior to my trip?
Yes, during registration we will pre-authorize $0.50 to confirm your card is active. We will also pre-authorize $1 when you reserve a vehicle to ensure your credit card is up-to-date and valid. You should see these pre-authorizations drop off your account within 24-72 hours depending on your bank.

What is ReachNow’s pricing?
Driving is $0.49 per minute, reduced to $0.41 for a limited time and parking is $0.30/minute. Please check the app or the website for any special offers.

What is Flat Rate Pricing? How does it work?
We now offer flat rates for 1-hour, 3-hour and 24-hour trips. In Brooklyn, the rates are $20 for 1 hour, $50 for 3 hours, $110 for 24 hours, $220 for 2 days, $330 for 3 days, $440 for 4 days, and $550 for 5 days. After the automatic rate cap time limit is met, per minute pricing applies again until the next tier is met. These prices include insurance, fuel (for trips under 24 hours), parking, and up to 500 miles per trip. Mileage in excess of 500 per trip is billed at $0.45/mile.

What is the $1 Shared Asset Fee added to each of my trips?
The Shared Asset Fee is not assessed in Brooklyn.


Use the app to find your car

The map in the ReachNow app shows in real time where to find a car in the service area. Drive anywhere you’d like, and return to the service area to park when you’re done.

  • City parking made simple

    Park in any legal (non-meter) on-street parking spot, just be mindful of the street-sweeping schedule. 

  • Easier parallel parking


    Most ReachNow cars come with rear-view backup cameras, perfect for squeezing into tight spaces. 

Detailed parking information

Parking and ending your trip

How do I lock the car if I want to park for a short period of time?
Select ‘Park & Come Back’ on the in-car screen and lock the car with the ReachNow app or your Member Key on the windshield card reader. You will incur charges while the vehicle is parked.

Do I have to return the vehicle to the location where I picked it up?
No. ReachNow is a free-floating car sharing service. You can pick-up and drop-off cars in any legal parking space on the street, excluding meters.

How do I end a trip?
Once you’ve found a legal parking space, tap the Start/Stop Engine Button and lock the car to end your trip using your ReachNow app or tap your Member Key on the windshield card reader. When the light on the reader turns green, your trip is complete. On hills, even small ones, remember to turn your wheels to the curb. 

Can I use ReachNow in the snow?
Winter driving requires special consideration. Our ReachNow fleet of xDrive (all-wheel drive) vehicles does great in most conditions, more on xDrive here. The BMW 3-Series vehicles feature xDrive. However, our cars do not have cold weather tires, nor do we provide tire chains. Do not take a ReachNow vehicle where chains are mandatory.

Where can I park?

Regular on-street parking spaces
You can park anywhere inside the Home Area as long as the spot is legal. You cannot park in spots designated for another use (For example: commercial vehicle load zones, truck load and unload, bus zones, food-vehicle zones, reserved electric car spaces or disabled parking zones, etc.).

Metered Spaces
Parking meters, both traditional and pay-and-display, throughout our home area are restricted from ending your trip. You may park at meters throughout Brooklyn (and even outside of the home area) while using park time in an active rental, but you are responsible for paying the meter cost.

Street Sweeping
You can park your ReachNow vehicle anywhere you find a legal street parking spot within the Home Area. On streets with 1, 2, or 4-day-a-week street sweeping, avoid parking within 12 hours of the scheduled cleaning to avoid tickets. Members are responsible for any fines or fees resulting from improperly parked vehicles.

Private facilities
While it’s okay to park temporarily in a private lot, you are responsible for any private parking charges and you cannot end a trip there. You must return to a sanctioned spot within the Home Area. 

Where Can’t I Park?

Parking spaces specified for special use
You cannot park and end a trip in valet zones, bus zones, commercial vehicle load zones, customer service zones or reserved disabled parking. You cannot park in temporary no parking zones that occur within 24 hours of the time you park.

Private off-street parking
You cannot park and end a trip in private, off-street parking like a driveway, garage, office building, mall or apartment complex.

Parking spaces with short time limits
You cannot park in spaces with time limits of less that 3 hours.

Fire Hydrants
No parking within 15 feet of either side of a fire hydrant.

Other Restrictions
You cannot park where you wouldn’t be able to park your own private vehicle. If it would result in a ticket or tow within 12 hours of parking there, you are responsible for the ticket or tow. If it would always result in a ticket or tow, you are responsible for the ticket or tow. There can include, but are not limited to, Temporary No Parking Areas, Bus Stops, Disabled Spaces (w/out a valid, displayed permit), Taxi Parking, Any Private Parking Lot or Driveway, etc.

Comfortable. Reliable. Stylish.

BMW and MINI vehicles are close by and ready to go. Heated seats, moon roofs, and rear-view back-up cameras are all standard with ReachNow.

MINI Clubman

Spacious and versatile, with a large trunk and folding rear seats. Whether it’s friends, flowerpots or furniture—the Clubman can handle it.

BMW 3 Series

Award-winning performance, all-wheel drive, and the style you expect from BMW’s 3 Series. Upgrade your commute—or your night on the town.

MINI Cooper 2-door

Precision handling and a TwinPower Turbo engine makes getting there a blast. Go ahead and flatten those hills.

MINI Cooper

MINI’s legendary TwinTurbo engine and control means performance and fun anywhere you want to go.

Download the app and drive today