Drive. Ride. Earn. from ReachNow and Alaska Mileage Plan™

Benefits pursuant to this offer are limited to Alaska Mileage Plan™ members who take ReachNow trips in Seattle and Portland beginning May 10, 2018. To qualify, an Alaska Mileage Plan™ member must register for this offer by entering their Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan™ number and ReachNow email to link the accounts through (a “Linked Account”). Only one Alaska Mileage Plan™ number can be provided for each registration and corresponding ReachNow account.

Mileage offer on valid for all ReachNow car sharing and ride hailing trips in Seattle longer than 10 minutes and all car sharing trips in Portland longer than 10 minutes. Trips must start and end in the same city.  

ReachNow members who have Linked Accounts are eligible to receive:

  • 50 Alaska Mileage Plan™ miles per eligible ReachNow car sharing in Seattle or Portland or ride sharing trip in Seattle longer than 10 minutes.
  • 100 Alaska Mileage Plan™ miles per eligible ReachNow trip that starts or ends at the Seattle-Tacoma Airport or the Portland International Airport.
  • 250 Alaska Mileage Plan™ miles per eligible ReachNow trip that is longer than 24 hours. 
  • 500 Alaska Mileage Plan™ miles per eligible ReachNow trip that is longer than 72 hours. 

These offeres are mututallly exclusive and member will only receive miles for the highest value attributed to the qualifiying trip. “Eligible ReachNow trip” means any paid trip longer than 10 minutes within Seattle or Portland after successfully registering the Linked Account. This offer is valid during the promotional period through December 31, 2018.

By submitting your information to validate and link Accounts, you agree to these terms and you agree that ReachNow and Alaska Airlines may share your information for the purpose of tracking and processing your miles into your Alaska Mileage Plan™ account or sending you targeted offers and may use anonymized, aggregated data for business analytics and offer optimization. Alaska Mileage Plan™ member must be the same as the ReachNow account holder in order to earn miles.


For Alaska Mileage Plan™ members who received an email offer on September 17, 2018:
Offer valid through October 31, 2018. Only valid for Alaska Mileage Plan™ members that received a promotional email from Alaska  Mileage Plan™ on September 17, 2018. Must use promo code at sign up to receive free membership and 250 bonus miles.