ReachNow and OHSU Collaborate to Improve Transportation Offerings Between Campuses

We’ve been operating in Portland for nearly three years and have committed to challenging ourselves to constantly find new ways for convenient transportation solutions across the city. From our expansion to Orenco Station, to our partnership with Intel, we’ve been able to tailor our free-floating car sharing services to meet the many different transportation needs of the Portland community.

We’ve been working hard at finding new solutions and are thrilled to share that we’re partnering with Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) Oregon’s premier academic health center, to increase mobility between OHSU’s Portland campuses through a dedicated fleet of ReachNow vehicles.

Beginning today, OHSU faculty and staff have access to six dedicated ReachNow BMW vehicles for transportation between the university’s Marquam Hill, Marquam Plaza and South Waterfront locations each with dedicated parking spaces.

Roughly 20,000 people visit OHSU’s Marquam Hill and South Waterfront campuses each day, creating congestion and parking challenges for patients, faculty and staff. With dedicated access to ReachNow vehicles, OHSU aims to make it easier to get between campuses, and even reduce the number of single-occupancy vehicle trips coming to campus all together.

“We are excited to bring a new shared mobility option to the more than 14,000 members of OHSU’s faculty and staff with our dedicated fleet offering. We share a common vision for improving mobility in Portland through access to shared-use vehicles that reduce trips with personal vehicles,” said Laura Gonia, Head of Marketing at ReachNow. “This program is just one example of how ReachNow can provide solutions that improve access to transportation among not only commuters - but employers and businesses in the Pacific Northwest.”

“As Portland’s largest employer, we take pride in offering our employees a number of innovative solutions for ease of commute and traffic reduction to and from our campuses,” said Jenny Cadigan with OHSU Transportation and Parking. “Making a fleet of ReachNow vehicles available will help us improve mobility between campuses and support OHSU’s Transportation Demand Management goals.”

The station-based, car sharing program will operate exclusively for OHSU faculty and staff. Those who wish to have access to the fleet must go through the OHSU approval process and the ReachNow approval process, which includes providing a valid driver’s license, valid credit card and a background check. Once approved, members simply open the ReachNow app and OHSU fleet cars will be visible only to approved OHSU program participants. OHSU faculty and staff can sign up for the program via the OHSU intranet.

The OHSU collaboration is ReachNow’s third corporate affiliation in Portland, following Intel and Tektronix. Each of these programs are designed to reduce the number of personal vehicles going to and from campus every day and provide a flexible option for employees to get between campuses during the day. ReachNow continues to look for key partners to bring additional fleet solutions to help businesses achieve their mobility goals and decrease congestion, while creating an effective personal vehicle alternative for employees. In addition to fleet solutions, ReachNow and moovel (both becoming REACH NOW) will offer organizations more options to quickly extend mobility benefits to riders, students and employees, like the FareShare platform.

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Anna Anderson