ReachNow Drive 101 — How Do I Use This Magical Service?

We’ve put together a simple, step-by-step guide to help you navigate using Drive. If you’re new to ReachNow, this is a great overview of Drive basics — how to find and hold a car to use, report any damages, drive it, and end your trip. Buckle-up and let’s get going:

How do I find a car to Drive?

Open the ReachNow app, we’ll show you a map with nearby cars that are available and walking time to the car - the green icon is the car closest to your current location, the blue icons are other available cars. If you enter your destination in the “Where To?” box, we’ll give you an estimated cost and ETA based upon the nearest available car. Tap “Drive” to select the car closest to you or tap any of the other blue icons to select an alternate car.

How do I hold a car?

Once you decide on the car you want to use, tap the blue “Let’s Do This” box at the bottom of the screen. We’ll do some fancy computations and the car will be held for you — for free — for the next 30 minutes. Note: You can cancel your hold at any time. Just open the app and hit ‘Cancel.’ If you cancel your hold on a car, you won’t be able to hold it again for two hours.

Once I get to the car, how do I unlock it?

First take a quick walk around to look for damages, unlock the car by sliding the blue lock icon at the bottom of the screen to the “Unlock” position.

How do I report any damages or problems with the car?

After you slide to unlock a report damages screen will pop up. Here you can tell us if the car looks good or report any damage bigger than a credit card. We ask you to look for damages before you rent a car so that we can make sure you don’t get charged for something someone else did.  If you see something, say something. Seriously…it only takes a few seconds to report damages. It’s super helpful when you provide pictures too. Once we know, we’ll make sure the car gets fixed and back into the fleet so that your BMW or MINI is always looking fresh.

How do I begin my rental and get on the road?

Before you can Drive the car, you’ll need to enter your PIN. This is the four-digit code you created when you signed up for ReachNow. Enter it via the app, and then — you’re ready to go!  The car is now yours — you can keep it for a minute, an hour or even the next five days. You’re free to adventure wherever you’d like, so get out and have some fun!

Where can I park and how do I end my trip?

You can park at mostly any legal, on-street parking spot in the city but there are some exceptions, so make sure to look at the in-car screen too to see if it’s a restricted zone. For example, if a street converts to a bus lane you may not be able to park there within a couple hours of the lane converting. Once you’ve parked at your destination, close all windows & sunroof, grab your belongings, close all doors and slide the blue lock button toward “End Trip”. You’ll be asked to confirm that you want to end your trip, et voila—you’re all set!  When you see the doors lock and a green light on the windshield card reader you’ll know that your trip has officially ended.

You’ll also be asked for feedback on the car and your experience, which is info we really value and helps us continue to serve you well.




  1. Find the car you want by tapping “Drive” in the app.
  2. Hold a car for free for 30-minutes by tapping “Let’s do this”.
  3. Inspect a car and report any damages via the app.
  4. Unlock a car by moving the slider to “Unlock”.
  5. Enter your PIN in the app.
  6. Get on the road and have fun out there!
  7. Park in any legal, on-street parking spot.
  8. End your trip by moving the slider to “End Trip” or “Keep Car” to continue your booking while you make a stopover.



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Anna Anderson