A deal as sweet as Pi.

We love Pi. No, not pie (although, confusingly we love that, too). But, Pi the mathematical constant. As a team, we spend our days thinking a lot about the future of mobility and transportation. For us, Pi symbolizes the innovation made possible by math and technology.

In honor of tomorrow’s Pi Day festivities, we’re bringing a deal as sweet as Pi to our members. Tomorrow only, enjoy $3.14 drives (up to one hour) in Seattle, Portland and Brooklyn. Only valid for car sharing trips. 

Keep an eye on our social media channels, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite Pi Day specials – share yours with us, as well.

*Rate will automatically be capped at $3.14 (plus applicable taxes and fees) for single, continuous trips up to 60 minutes in Seattle, Portland and Brooklyn. As soon as you hit 61 minutes, you resume being charged $0.41 per minute up to the next price cap (three hours). Only valid on car sharing trips. 


Anna Anderson