Friendship has its benefits. Get $15 for every new member

Are you ready to earn free trips for inviting your friends and family to join ReachNow? Give $15 to friends and get $15 every time a friend you invite takes their first drive. It’s that easy.

With that type of credit, think of all the places you can go:

  • Invite 2 friends and have plenty to credit to take your date for a spin in the BMW of your choice.
  • Invite 5 friends and have your morning commute on us for a week.
  • Invite 10 friends and get a full day rental with room to spare.

Ready to get started?

Open your app and tap “Free Trips” from the main menu in the app

  • Tap “Invite a Friend”
  • Select your preferred way to contact your friends — it’s up to you — email, text, Tweet, Facebook, Slack, etc. The world is your oyster.
  • Share the love & start earning credit

If you have any questions, head over to our Help section, the FAQ section of the app or email us at 



Anna Anderson