Getting Around During the #SeattleSqueeze: Weekend Edition

For the first weekend of the Seattle Squeeze we decided to get out and get around to see what we'll be up against over the next few weeks. While we got around just fine this weekend, we know commuting will be another story once the "new normal" starts to set in -- so stay tuned for our recap this week. Here’s how we spent a sunny Saturday in Seattle, using ReachNow, public transit, and our own feet to get us around.

We left our ReachNow offices in Belltown and walked up to the Olympic Sculpture Park, which is one of our favorite places in the city. There are big beautiful giant pieces of art tucked right alongside the Sound, and best of all, it’s free! From there we walked up the Myrtle Edwards Trail, which allowed for some great views of the Sound and the Olympics. If you go, keep your eyes out for the occasional seal — they’re out there!

From Interbay we called a Ride to the Seattle Center, where we grabbed some food and sat in the sun watching the fountain erupt. Kids were running in and out of the water, people were juggling on the lawn and throwing frisbees, and dogs were zipping all over the place. Key Arena is prepping for a major overhaul in anticipation of our new NHL team, and it was really fun to look at things and imagine the work that’s about to happen — builders are going to lift the roof off the existing arena, remove the current arena, build a new one, and then lower the roof back onto the new arena. Craziness!

From the Seattle Center we took the monorail to downtown. In 1962 this was going to be the future of transportation, and while it didn’t happen like people had planned, it’s still a pretty cool ride. Once downtown we kicked through the Market, where we grabbed the requisite hot donuts, fresh fruit, coffee and Greek yogurt, and sat in the new section of the Market and looked out over the Viaduct. It’s now eerily empty and traffic-less, and it’s fun to imagine how the city is going to feel once it’s removed.

We walked back through the Market then rode the light rail up to the Hill. Cal Anderson Park was hopping and made for some great people and pet watching. Because this is Seattle we stopped and got another coffee, then walked up to Volunteer Park. We sat across from the Asian Art Museum and looked through that black hole sun and thought how great Chris Cornell was. We walked north through the Park and ended up at the Louisa Boren Lookout, which gave an amazing view of UW, the 520 bridge spanning toward the east side, and the Cascades, bright and snow-peaked in the distance.

Even though it was Saturday we had to get back to the offices (no rest for the wicked over here…). Fortunately there was a BMW 3 Series with plenty of room for us all parked just outside Volunteer Park. While it would’ve been nice if the day could have lasted longer, all in all it was a great way to explore Seattle in the sun.



Anna Anderson