Everybody's working for the weekend

Wouldn’t it be nice if running errands could pay you back?

Get those weekday errands out of the way and earn credit for some time to yourself the following weekend — on us.

Beginning Monday (Feb. 26), every drive over 20 minutes that you take on a Monday through Thursday will earn you a $20 credit for a trip the following weekend. The more you drive, the more you earn – and the credit will add up quickly.

The details:

Each drive over 20 minutes in Brooklyn on a weekend (Monday – Thursday) qualifies. Every qualifying trip earns $20 in credit. If you take two qualifying trips during the week, you will earn $40 credit. You will receive your credit in the form of a promo code delivered via your ReachNow email account on Thursday the following week. Credit you earn  If you have any questions, email us at

With this limited time offer, there’s no better time than now to mix up your daily commute or run a mid-week errand to IKEA. So, where to? 

Take a Weekday Drive

Monday - Thursday

Credit Delivered

Receive via email

Get Out of Town on Us

Credit Valid on These Dates

February 26 – March 1

March 8

March  9 – 11

March 5 – 8

March 15

March 16 – 18

March 12 – 15

March 22

March 23 – 25










Anna Anderson