Damages Happen. Here’s What to Do Next.

The top question we’re asked by Members is: What happens if the car is damaged during my trip?

While we typically like to talk about the fun sides of car sharing - like free parking - at times it’s key to be practical. Today, we’re aggregating the top questions we hear from Members about accidents and damages into one place for easy access.

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1. What is a Damage Fee?
If damage occurs to the ReachNow vehicle during your reservation or is found on the vehicle after you drive it, then we may hold you responsible for that damage. ReachNow may assess a damage fee (the “Damage Fee”, as further described in the Pricing section of the app) on a member who is not in violation of the Membership Agreement at the time the damage occurs and who is not in violation of any applicable laws related to use of the vehicle, in lieu of charging the member for the actual damage cost, assuming the Damage Fee is less than or equal to the actual damage. The Damage Fee is currently $1,000. Please refer to the Pricing section of our app for the most current information.

2. What if I violate the Membership Agreement?
If you violate the terms of the Membership Agreement (e.g., drive under the influence, allow another person to use your account, fail to report an accident or damage to a vehicle, etc.), any damage fee waiver (“DFW”) you purchased will be void, and you will be liable for the full costs of any damage to the vehicle, which may be more than the Damage Fee.

3. What is a Damage Fee Waiver (ReachNow Protect)?
By purchasing ReachNow Protect, you will not be subject to the ReachNow Damage Fee should you be found responsible for damage, as long as you were not in violation of the Membership Agreement at the time the damage occurred.

4. If I purchase ReachNow Protect (Damage Fee Waiver) and I get into an accident or the vehicle is damaged during my rental, should I do anything differently?
You don’t have to do anything differently, but here’s a refresher on what to do. First, if it is a medical emergency, please call 9-1-1. Once you are in a safe place, please call Member Support at (844) 732-2466.  They will guide you through the next steps, including how to submit the ReachNow accident report.  Please remember you are required to contact ReachNow regarding the accident or damage event within 12 hours of its occurrence and to cooperate with any investigation that ReachNow may conduct. In the event that you do not contact ReachNow within 12 hours of the occurrence of the accident or damage event and/or do not cooperate with any investigation, the DFW will be void, and you will be liable for the full costs of any damage to the vehicle.

5. What if I find damage on the vehicle?
The first step to prevent ReachNow from holding you responsible for damage to a vehicle is to report anything you see via the app or by calling Member Support at (844) 732-2466 before you start your trip. Please send notes, pictures, and details of any damage you find.

6. What if damage occurs to the vehicle during my rental?
If you are involved in an accident or there is damage to the vehicle during your trip, please contact our Member Support team at (844) 732-2466, once you are in a safe place. It is always helpful to provide pictures and to write down details of the event and circumstances soon after they occur.

7. But ReachNow says it provides insurance coverage…why would I want a Damage Fee Waiver?
Included in every rental is the state-mandated insurance coverage for bodily injury and third party property damage. State mandated insurance coverage does not cover damage to the ReachNow vehicle.  The Damage Fee covers some or all of the cost of damage done to the ReachNow vehicle and can be assessed when damage occurs to the vehicle during your rental. To avoid this fee, a member can purchase ReachNow Protect, which will waive the Damage Fee in cases where you are found responsible for any damage to the vehicle but are not in violation of the Membership Agreement. As always, the DFW only applies if you are in full compliance with the Membership Agreement at the time the damage occurs.

8. Are there other ways besides purchasing the DFW that I can protect myself from responsibility for damages in the event of an accident?
There are a few options that you can look into in order to be more protected. One option is to look into the benefits provided by the credit card you use to reserve and pay for the rental, in order to see if the credit card company provides coverage in the event damage occurs while using a rental vehicle/car sharing vehicle. Another option is to talk with your insurance company to understand what policy options are available that cover car sharing and/or rental vehicles.

9. How can I sign up and purchase ReachNow Protect?

Please visit You can learn about available options, choose which one is right for you, and then you will be directed to the ReachNow Shopify website to complete the transaction. After purchasing the DFW, you will receive payment confirmation from Shopify directly.

10. How much does ReachNow Protect cost?
There are two plan options for ReachNow Protect: Monthly or Annually. The monthly cost is $9 per month (plus applicable taxes and fees). The annual cost is $90 per year (plus applicable taxes and fees). ReachNow Protect auto-renews.

11. Should I pay monthly or annually? 
The choice is yours! The savings on the annual plan make it a great deal for a Member who uses ReachNow regularly. If you live outside of Seattle or Portland and only use ReachNow while you’re in town, the monthly plan is a great way to have peace of mind while using ReachNow.

12. Does ReachNow Protect renew automatically?
Yes, ReachNow Protect renews automatically on a monthly or annual basis from the date you purchased the DFW. You will not be notified ahead of the renewal, but you will receive a receipt from our payment processing partner any time your credit card is charged.  

13. What if I want to modify, manage or cancel ReachNow Protect?
You’re welcome to cancel ReachNow Protect at any time. To do so, follow the link provided in the email sent to confirm your purchase and make adjustments to your plan from there. The cost of the DFW is non-refundable, but you will be covered for the entire time you’ve paid for, even if you cancel early or decide not to renew for the following month.

14. Can I buy a waiver for a single reservation?
No, not right now, but it’s something we’re thinking about. If you’re interested in an option like this, please let us know!



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