Mobility Services.

ReachNow Mobility Services

Welcome to ReachNow, the revolutionary way to reach any destination. With ReachNow, you have on-demand access to world-class BMW and MINI vehicles any time you want, any way you want. Our app is your personal gateway to a complete range of seamless mobility services, whether you want to drive or be driven, take short trips or long weekends. It's the freedom of movement in the palm of your hand.

All it takes to be mobile is your mobile phone and our ReachNow app. Just open the app, select your preferred service icon and you're on the road - for a quick trip to the store, a business meeting across town, date night, weekend trip or to pick up friends or family at the airport. Whatever your needs, wherever you are, we'll get you into a car fast.


ReachNow offers an amazing range of mobility options.

Want a car right this minute wherever you are? ReachNow CarSharing is here for you. We offer cars just a few steps away all over town. Just pick the one you want - BMW or MINI; coupe, sedan or SUV; gas or electric - and pay by the minute. Fuel, insurance and on-street parking are always included. And our daily rate caps let you go up to five full days, guaranteeing you the best price.

We'll also be adding dedicated fleets of ReachNow cars at office buildings, apartments and condominiums. People who live or work at these locations will be able to schedule their own ReachNow car in advance and bring it back when they're done. Who needs a car when ReachNow is always available? With ReachNow Fleet Solutions, companies and property managers can put cars at their employees' and residents' fingertips for commuting, shopping, weekends away or whatever. It's the ultimate employee perk or resident upgrade.

Suppose you're planning a trip or a weekend away. With ReachNow Reserve, you can set aside your choice of a BMW or MINI at a truly affordable per-day price. Want your car delivered? Our Valet will even deliver your car. We'll even pick it up when you're done.

For the times when you'd rather have someone else behind the wheel, ReachNow Ride can provide you with a reliable, experienced, personal driver - right now or at any time and place you say. It's up to you. It also means you call the shots inside the car. You choose your favorite radio station or ride in complete quiet, and get the temperature just the way you like it.

If you own your own MINI, we offer you a way to earn income by lending it to us. Just sign up with our ReachNow Share program. It's perfect if you bike to work and don't need your car during the day. Or if you often go out of town for business or pleasure. Whenever your MINI is available, give it to ReachNow. It's smart and easy.

ReachNow is transforming personal premium transportation in every way possible: on-the-spot access to cars, cars you can reserve, fleet-managed cars, cars with a driver, even a way to make money renting your own car. We're the perfect choice for busy professionals, weekend warriors, part-time commuters, frequent travelers and night owls heading home. From now on, whatever destination you need to reach - ReachNow.